My Backyard Breakfast Club

I know The Breakfast Club was a popular movie back in my younger years, but it is also an everyday experience in my backyard.  Here are a handful of the club members that showed up yesterday morning to enjoy a bite to eat.

American Robin
Carolina Wren – popping in for a peanut.
female red-bellied
Red-bellied Woodpecker – female
blue jay
Blue Jay – grabbing his usual fare.
Brown-headed Nuthatch – at the beverage station.

Oh, what the heck, let’s make it two handfuls…here are five more.

pine warbler
Pine Warbler
Brown Thrasher – of the order of the perpetually muddy beak.
male red-bellied
Red-bellied Woodpecker – male
Downy Woodpecker – male
Eastern Bluebird – sporting a mealworm mustache.

The bright morning light made it hard to avoid glare and shadows, but hey, you will never hear me complaining about the sunshine!

18 thoughts on “My Backyard Breakfast Club

  1. Beautiful close ups Kathy, all well posed for your patient waiting. Interesting that the red Bellied Woodpecker has a red head and not much evidence of a red belly?

    1. He has a reddish tint on his tummy, but unfortunately for him, there is another woodpecker in these parts that has a solid red head and had already claimed the name!

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