Goodbye Yellow Butt Birds

So goodbye yellow butt birds
You’ll be leaving town any day now
I can’t trap you in my backyard
You’re heading out of the south

Obviously I had another song by Sir Elton floating around in my brain as I wrote this post; but the gist of it is, my Yellow-rumped Warblers will (heavy sigh!) be leaving soon.

I can tell by the ways the males have darkened up that mating (and migrating) season is upon us.  When these birds first arrived to spend the winter months, the coloring was the same soft brown for both the males and the females.  Here’s a reminder photo of what they looked like a couple months ago.


Now, the gals, like the one below, have stayed the same…


…but the fellows have undergone a major transformation.

malewarbler1 malewarbler2

They really are rather dashing and debonair, wouldn’t you say?
I like how the pictures below seem like black and white photos that I colorized, but that’s just how the lighting was yesterday.

malewarbler3 malewarbler4

I hate to see these beautiful birds go, but their return gives me something to joyfully anticipate.

23 thoughts on “Goodbye Yellow Butt Birds

  1. Yes Kathy, seasons have their way of bringing variety into our life and with it anticipation of the return of things we love. Likewise, our migratory friends have left for the winter, and I look forward to seeing them and hearing them again in late spring. I Love your beautiful bird pics:-)

  2. Yellow Butt Birds 😀
    I’m sorry to see them go too, but as you say, it gives us something to look forward to next season. Beautiful photos as always ❤

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