Shhh…Don’t Tell The Thrasher

Don’t tell my backyard Brown Thrasher, but others are starting to sneak turns in his birdbath!

Like this lovely female Bluebird who showed up yesterday for a bit of a splash.

bluebird1 bluebird2

At one point, I’m pretty sure I heard her exclaim, “Look at me!  I’m a Blue Thrasher!”  But I might have been mistaken since she did sound s bit garbled.


Mostly, she just sat and soaked and enjoyed a brief bit of refreshment.


While she bathed, her male counterpart waited on a nearby branch.  Once she was finished, I thought he would hop on in, but instead he opted for the clay saucer that sits on a stump in the same area.  He seemed to prefer just a quick sip and a dip of his face in the water.

bluebird5 bluebird6

It was as if one liked the deep end and the other stayed with the kiddie pool.

And in case you were wondering about the Thrasher, he has been giving encore after encore after encore.  It seems every time I look out the window he is back at it.


I think I might have to write Audubon and suggest that we change his name to the Brown Splasher.

20 thoughts on “Shhh…Don’t Tell The Thrasher

  1. What a delight Kathy to see all this from the comfort of your home. These birds are certainly blessed with the 5 star facilities at your bird haven:-)

  2. WOW WOW WOW IS RIGHT! …. we in Western Canada have our Mountain Bluebird–a beauty in its own right–but though I grew up in New York State, I never once saw its State bird, so to see them in your photos like this is truly wonderful.

    1. Thanks – that comment made me smile. I get so much joy in sharing the posts that it’s always nice to know that someone enjoys seeing them. 🙂

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