Pick Six (Times Two)

I took a bit of time today to sort through some bird pictures from this past week.  It seemed a shame to file them away without sharing them, so I decided to pick six and let them have a moment to shine.  Then, once I got started it was hard to stop, so I opted to pick six times two.

Here is a gallery of a dozen photos that simply didn’t get the chance to star in a previous post.

Now they will feel much better about being sent to their folders!

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Wife, mother, daughter, and friend. One who dabbles in writing, thinks in rhyme, and is utterly unable to escape the allure of alliteration:) Amateur nature photographer. A backyard bird watcher, a hiker of non-strenuous trails to waterfalls, and a fan of Atlanta sports teams. Driver of an orange Jeep Renegade who goes by the name of Earl. One who is nourished by silence, solitude, and a good cup of coffee. A lover of God’s Word and the riches that are hidden there. An extremely ordinary jar of clay who longs to see and be satisfied by the glory of God, and to somehow display that in my everyday life.
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18 Responses to Pick Six (Times Two)

  1. A delightful series I’m glad you shared, Kathy. All lovely, and the White-throated Sparrow looks so happy! 🙂

  2. aussiebirder says:

    Beautiful pics of a lovely selection of birds Kathy!

  3. avian101 says:

    Great captures Kathy! 🙂

  4. Carol says:

    I am glad you shared them. Thank you!

  5. Jill Kuhn says:

    Wow! Such amazing shots! 😄 I never get tired of seeing God’s handiwork! 💕💖

  6. Sheila Moss says:

    I have two goldfinches at my thistle feeder this morning, first I’ve seen this season. So exciting! One seems brighter than the other. I hope this means they are a pair and I will later be seeing baby finches.

  7. Kathy glad you shared them, all divine thank you.

  8. Gorgeous! And I happen to have a little extra sketching time. Bonus!

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