Tiny Tubs

I know “tiny houses” are all the rage these days, but in my yard, “tiny tubs” are a favorite.

I enjoyed watching this Tufted Titmouse splash about in his personal sized bathing dish yesterday afternoon.

titmouse1 titmouse2 titmouse3 titmouse4

Hmmm…”Tiny Tubs”…I’m thinking this just might be the next hit show on HGTV!

12 thoughts on “Tiny Tubs

  1. Love it. We have a fountain we built with rocks that have natural little bathing holes for the birds. The dove and cardinals use them, but the smaller birds don’t. Thanks for the idea. I love the way you caught the splashes. I have tried,but haven’t perfected it yet. Great shots!

    1. We built a fountain in our backyard too! The Robins and Cardinals love it, as do the Towhees. But the little birds do seem to prefer the smaller dishes. πŸ™‚

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