When my daughter and I were in Ecuador a couple summers ago, we loved the people we met…especially the kids.  Many of them were fascinated with cameras and always wanted us to take their pictures and then let them see themselves on the view screen.  Often they would call out, “Solamente!”, meaning they wanted a photo taken all by themselves.

I don’t know why, but when this male Towhee showed up on the deck the other day, that memory flashed through my mind.  He paused and posed for a moment as if he wanted his picture taken all by himself.


I was happy to oblige and snapped a quick “solamente” photo of this fine-looking fellow.

15 thoughts on “Solamente

    1. This was a surprise visit since these guys usually stay on the ground. The females are equally as lovely, but with more of a chocolate brown than black. Bees knees is right…yet another of my “favorites!”

    1. It was a surprise that he hopped onto the deck since he is usually a ground feeder. He is another one of those birds that always makes me smile when I see him.

  1. Hehe Thanks for sharing your memories! It was fun to read!
    Love this little birdie! 💕

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