Booger The Beggar

I’m not sure why, but I’ve taken to calling the little Bluebird that’s been hanging out in my backyard “Booger.”  It really is a term of endearment here in the south, and somehow the name just seems fitting!


I hesitated in sharing yet another post about this fellow, but he is just so stinkin’ cute…and besides, I need to keep giving Laura ( Create Art Everyday) sketching inspiration!  (There, that makes it sound like I’m being more noble!)

Booger continues to be quite the beggar.  Yesterday, Dad had the never ending chore of afternoon feeding duty.

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Since our demanding youngster’s balance is still not so great, he sometimes flutters off the rail onto the deck below. But never fear, he just looks around and resumes his squawking.

bb4 bb5

Before long, Dad inevitably drops down with another mealworm and then leads him back to the deck rail.


Every once in awhile, Booger would lunge for the food before Dad had delivered it and a bit of “tug-of-worm” would ensue.

bb7 bb8

As he grows more independent, he has started picking up food on his own here and there…

bb9 bb10

…and even looks like he’s starting to eye some other options.


I’m pretty sure the parents are delighted that he is beginning to fend for himself, since feeding this little guy can be a painful process.  Look at how his beak is pinching Dad’s head!


Despite his incessant begging, this little guy gets cuter everyday and I am going to miss him when he finally flies off to explore the world beyond my backyard.
I hope he stays a little longer though…I’m not ready to say goodbye to Booger!



29 thoughts on “Booger The Beggar

  1. He is quite the hungry fella! Thanks for the smiles, Kathy! 😃 I especially like the photo where he is looking straight at the camera with the mealworm hanging out of his mouth! 😝

  2. He’s super cute, Kathy!

    I must ask though, is “booger”also a slang term used in America for something that flows from noses afflicted by colds and flu, like it is here..?

  3. Thanks for the continuation, Kathy! I should have kept reading your posts before commenting on the last one, lol. Fantastic stories of this little fella!

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