Will The Real Red-headed Woodpecker Please Stand Up

Whenever I post a picture of a Red-bellied Woodpecker, like the one below, there are folks who wonder, “Why isn’t he called a Red-headed Woodpecker?”


Well, that wondering stops when the bird who actually bears that name shows up, as happened today in my backyard.


This striking fellow skirted around the edges of the yard, never quite getting close enough for me to capture a crisp picture.

woodpecker2 woodpecker3

I could tell he wanted to check out the feeders on the deck, but his rival for the Red-headed title (who happens to have a bigger beak) was jealously guarding the territory and refused to let him come near.


It is rare for a Red-headed Woodpecker to make an appearance in my backyard, so I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of him.


Now, I am busy brain-storming ways to bribe him into sticking around!

21 thoughts on “Will The Real Red-headed Woodpecker Please Stand Up

  1. GORGEOUS! We have a huge pileated woodpecker visiting our feeders. I keep trying to catch a snap of him, but he is skiddish.

    1. I rarely get those, so you will probably here me squeal all the way in Mars if one shows up in my backyard. Hope he keeps coming and you can get a picture.

      1. and if I get “Woody’s” picture, I’ll be sure to share! I took a couple, but didn’t get a good one yet…

  2. Wow, they look so different. You get such an incredible variety of birds visiting you. You must be doing something right. I hope you convince your new friend to stick around.

  3. I had success a few years back with a suet feeder located under a small tree in an open yard. I think the suet was geared to orioles and blue birds. They like the wood edges.

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