Don’t Leave Us With The Babies

Did you ever see that Air Tran commercial where the couple hand over their little ones to the grandparents and then quickly zoom off on vacation, leaving the older gentleman crying out,  “Don’t leave us with the babies!”

Well, if I were the Mama of the young Robin that has been hanging out in my backyard, I would definitely be echoing the words of that commercial!  This fellow is one loud and demanding baby!


His cycle goes something like this:  Beg, wait, eat, repeat.

robin2 robin3 robin4

Then, beg, wait…and you might as well scratch your ear while you wait…

robin5 robin6

…then eat and repeat!  This little guy can pack away some peanuts!

robin7 robin8

He’s a  cutie, but he is definitely high maintenance!

17 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Us With The Babies

  1. I see a lot of this sort of thing with all the different species, when out birding Kathy, and I also see parent birds escape from their little one’s demands for a time by just distancing themselves when they have had too much. This is a bit like what our children love to do when they hand their kiddies over to us grandies for a break:-)

    1. I know what you mean! Yesterday I was watching a young Woodpecker follow Dad from tree to tree while Dad was clearly trying to get a little distance!

  2. If they were humans humans I’m sure his parents can’t wait for the day he moves out, and when he does they’ll go crazy with worry and longing!

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