I’m Pretty Sure He Has A Crush On Me

Well…look who has been showing up on a regular basis in my backyard!


I would say that I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me, but the honest answer is that he has fallen in love with the Bark Batter concoction that my husband brews up.

redhead2 redhead3 redhead4

Still, they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so I intend to continue feeding this fellow heapin’ helpings with the hopes that I can entice him into settling down in the area.



Besides, I think he looks like he is giving me a rather flirtatious glance in the picture below.


Ah…be still my heart…I am definitely enthralled with this handsome red head!


By the way, I should confess that I really have no idea if this bird is actually a male or a female as both sexes look the same, it’s just more fun to call him a guy. 🙂

34 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure He Has A Crush On Me

  1. He’s so handsome that it really doesn’t matter whether he has a crush or just good taste in food. The main thing is that he’s hanging around 🙂 Wonderful shots!

  2. This is probably the most gorgeous bird I’ve ever seen! How lucky you are to have this charmer in your backyard Kath!!!!

    1. It is a mixture my husband makes of peanut butter, lard, cornmeal, chicken seed, and sunflower oil – with a little hot sauce thrown in. 🙂 The birds love it.
      If you didn’t want to make it, Wild Birds Unlimited sells Bark Butter and it is worth every penny.

      1. Where I live, I’m fortunate that we have native gardens and that brings them in automatically. Thanks for the info, Kathy, as I was very curious! Cheeri-pip!

  3. That is one beautiful bird! Stunning photos, too. I see a slight parting of the breast feathers in the last image. Could that be the remnant of a brood patch, making this a female? Do you know when their chicks usually fledge in your area?

  4. I’m not sure about when they fledge, but I would imagine it is about this time. I had a youngster stop by last year and he was all shades of gray – quite a difference from the parent.

  5. Wow, he really is spectacular, Kathy! I just realized I forgot to give you my husband’s recipe for this……sounds like you found one that works! Ours def does not have hot sauce. Peanut butter, lard, cornmeal, yes and I think maybe something else. I can ask Vic for the specifics, I’m pretty sure he’ll remember. He hasn’t made it in awhile but the birds really loved it! He made suet cakes out of it. Love this guy showing up with his beautiful colors for your lens!

      1. Vic got a kick out of your hot sauce to repel the squirrels! 😀 Here is his recipe: 1 c chunky peanut butter, 1 cup shortening or lard, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 4 c. cornmeal. Sometimes he added sunflower seeds too. Makes two suet cakes. He used old suet packs that store-bought suet came in to make them and then he refrigerates them. For what you’re wanting to use it for, wouldn’t need to worry about the molds to form the cakes!

  6. What a gorgeous bird!
    I just chanced upon your lovely blog. Interestingly, I shared an ‘Are you a Bird Nerd’ post recently.
    I hadn’t previously come across anyone else using this fine terminology!
    Keep up the good bird-nerd-work. I am merely skirting the periphery.
    Am really a creativity nerd.

  7. He is a knockout! I noticed the change in your blog header, but didn’t have an op to comment before. I am going to try this suet recipe. The only time I have woodpeckers is when I buy suet. It is expensive and if the squirrel finds it first… well… you know. I wish I could find a way to keep those pesky squirrels away. I have the squirrel proof feeder and it works for seed, but for suet, I don’t know what to do. The other day I was looking out the door and a squirrel flew from the roof over the patio to a tree. Quite startling. I’ve seen them jump before but not over my head. LOL

    1. I add Texas Pete hotter than hot sauce if I have a soft suet type spread. It does help keep the squirrels away some…but they are determined little thieves!

        1. I have never seen a bird bothered in the least by it. Apparently, they lack the receptors that would have it cause them any discomfort. Most bird stores even sell hot sauce to mix with the seed.

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