A Red-headed Habit

The handsome Red-headed Woodpecker that’s been visiting my backyard has developed a fascinating food eating routine…okay…so it may be that I’m just easily entertained…but I do find it fun to watch!

He first heads to one of the feeders and selects a tasty morsel to munch.


Then he flies over and places it in a crevice in one of the limbs that is strapped to my deck rail.  Once the nut or seed has been safely deposited, he happily pecks away at it.

red-headed2 red-headed3 red-headed4

Then he repeats the process, grabbing some more food…


…and taking it to his personal feeding post.

red-headed6 red-headed7

He pretty much shows up on a daily basis, and yet he still takes my breath away.


I could take pictures of him all day long and never get bored for a second!



19 thoughts on “A Red-headed Habit

  1. Kathy, I love your blog and have sent it to several birder members in my family who are now following you. One of the lives on a Wisconsin farm, so she has many of the the same birds. The rest of us are more urban.

    1. Wow – thank you so much for sharing the blog! It gives me so much joy to write the blurbs and post the pictures and blesses me when others enjoy it too. 🙂

    1. The second seems to be everyone’s favorite. I’m pretty sure he had his mouth open to drop the food out, but we’ll go with the idea that he is smiling at me instead!

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