Not Too Hot For Stripes And Spots

When the temperature lingers in the 90’s, the bird activity sometimes hits a bit of a lull;  but the butterflies, who love the warmer weather, have been out in abundance.  Here are several that my daughter and I saw while we were walking about Smith Gilbert Gardens yesterday.

Some were common visitors to our own yard, like this Gulf Fritillary…

fritillary1 fritillary2

…and this Tiger Swallowtail.

tiger1 tiger2

Others I wish were common visitors, like this Zebra butterfly…

zebra1 zebra2

…and this Giant Swallowtail and Black Swallowtail, both of whom are a bit frayed about the edges.

giantswallowtail blackswallowtail

Ah, so much beauty.  And although the birds may be a little less active on these scorching summer days, it’s clearly not too hot for stripes and spots!

12 thoughts on “Not Too Hot For Stripes And Spots

    1. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with his wings folded…he has pink dots that are so cool looking! Sounds like another trip to the gardens is in order!

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