Harboring A Fugitive

While I confess to loving the movie The Fugitive, I never thought I’d be harboring one in my backyard!

Let me show you his picture, and then I’ll explain…


This morning, I happened to walk by the window and saw this green-feathered fellow pilfering food from the feeders.  He was clearly a stranger round these parts, and when I walked outside with my camera he flew over to a nearby Dogwood branch.  He didn’t seem bothered by my presence; he just gave me a glance and proceeded to clean his claws.

parrot2 parrot3

Thanks to the wonders of google, I discovered that this guy is a Monk Parakeet, who also goes by the name of a Quaker Parrot.  He is considered an agricultural criminal (known to eat 30% of the corn crop in his native Argentina) and is illegal as a pet in many states – including the fair state of Georgia in which I reside.


So, despite considering myself a law abiding citizen, it would appear I have been aiding and abetting an outlaw!  And while I can’t invite this friendly fugitive in to stay, I do hope he sticks around awhile and poses for some pictures.

parrot6 parrot5

By the way, I have decided to name him Harry…short for Harrison. 🙂


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  1. Someone’s pet — an escapee? I guess this happens a lot, which is why there are so many wild parrots in big cities. Hide your fruit!

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