Not Your Average Run Of The Mill Place

I spent this past weekend having some delightful mother-daughter time on the beautiful grounds of Berry College.  When I arrived, the first place I (ad)ventured to was the Old Mill.  It is up on the mountain, down a gravelly path (my Bug channels her inner jeep!), and is one of my favorite spots on campus.


I like to go here as the sun is first rising.  I’m not sure why, but there is a real charm to this tucked away piece of history…or perhaps enchantment is a better word.  It’s like you can close your eyes and hear the air as it whispers stories from the past.


To say the Mill is a reflective spot would be a terrible pun, but so true!
Still, if you ever have the chance to visit for yourself, and you take the time to close your eyes and listen, I’m pretty sure you’ll hear stories of your own.


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