A Little Horsing Around

While visiting my daughter this past weekend, we took some time to hang out with the horses that roam the fields on Berry’s mountain campus.


Right away, I recognized a fellow that I’ve seen on several previous visits who seemed to recognize me too.   I call him Goliath, and as soon as he saw us, he made his way over to the fence and made it clear that we were free to rub his head and neck.

horse2 horse3 horse4

In another field we saw a horse that was a bit of a quick change artist.
Riddle me this…how do your turn a dark horse into a light horse?


Why, with a good ole dust bath of course!

horse7 horse8 horse9

The drought made the conditions ideal for a luxurious squirm in the dirt.

Some of the horses were content to graze on grass…


…while others enjoyed munching on the sweet hay.


Of course, there were a couple of angry tail-twitchers intent on raising a ruckus.  These two below might not have played well with others, but they were entertaining to watch and absolutely beautiful despite their bossiness.

horse12 horse14 horse15

And…once again…riddle me this…yep…same answer, different horse!


I don’t think the horses were all that interested in my presence, but I could have stayed there for hours and not lost interest in them!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Love the ones too of the horse playing in the dirt! Too adorable! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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