Snow Frenzy

When the forecast calls for snow, people go a bit crazy here in the south.  Everyone heads to the grocery store in a frenzy, frantically stock-piling the necessities of milk, bread and toilet paper.  I, too, join the maddening crowd, but my necessities run along the lines of Folgers and Entenmann cinnamon donuts – the ones with the crumb topping.

Once the white stuff covers the ground, like it did this morning, the birds show up in their own frenzy.  My Blue Jays were up early, frantically squawking until I laid out a spread of peanuts.  Then they showed up, one after another, to load up on this necessity.  Here are seven that stopped by today.

jay1 jay2 jay4 jay5 jay6 jay7 jay3

And now, off for a cup of coffee and  a donut!

25 thoughts on “Snow Frenzy

  1. I had to go get wine, catfood & half n’ half for the coffee. I love Greedy Gus in the next to last photo stocking up on peanuts.

  2. You were lucky to get snow Kathy! We got sleet and freezing rain instead in Paulding County. Nice shots! 🙂

  3. You definitely have a bunch of peanutty blue jays. LOL My greedy little feathered friends are emptying the feeder faster than I can refill it.

  4. LOL! So true about Southerners and snow! Love these photos. Blue Jays are such characters. They sit in our trees or on our railing if we are inside and dance up and down and screech art my husband to let him know the feeders are low. Love them!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I think I’ll need to buy some peanuts, throw them out at the salt marsh and hide to see the visitors 🙂

  6. Are you sure it was 7 different birds? Maybe just 2 really hungry ones? In any case, I am just in awe of your photos as always. So lovely and they demonstrate your love for the birds so clearly. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. You are most welcome. And I don’t know if there are seven different in the photos, but there were at least a dozen hanging about on the branches, swooping in one after another. 🙂

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