Slip Slidin’ Away

The wintry weather that descended on the Atlanta area over the weekend left many of our roads hazardous for driving, but (much to my daughter’s delight) provided ideal conditions for lid-sledding.  Hey, we have to make do here in the south!


The combination of snow and sleet also deposited a thin layer of “black ice” on the Bark Butter branch – a favorite feeding post for many of my birds.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker was the first to discover the slippery situation, but was quick to learn that the notches on the branch provided the best place to grip.

redbellied1 redbellied2

The Cardinals kept flying in for a landing and then sliding right off the runway.  They too eventually discovered the premier place to perch.

cardinal1 cardinal2

But out of all the birds that attempted to eat the bit of Bark Butter that managed to stick to the limb, the “determination award” definitely goes to the Pine Warbler.  He flew in from one angle after another, refusing to be deterred from conquering this icy obstacle.

warbler1 warbler3 warbler2

Eventually, using his wings and tail for balance, he managed to stand on the branch for a few seconds and grab a quick bite to eat.


Then, like the others before him, he opted to perch on the now popular notch.


Meanwhile, as these birds were slipping and sliding, the Blue Jays (no surprise here!) were busy munching on their favorite source of protein.


And now…we’ve had our snow…so let’s get back to our regularly scheduled sunshine! 🙂

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