The Fast and the Flurrious

There are some days when I fill the feeders and then have to wait as the birds meander in at a leisurely pace, seeming in no particular hurry at all.  But then other days (like most days this week!) they arrive fast and flurrious, in a great rush to gobble up the seed as soon as it is put out.

This Mockingbird was one recent raider who showed up as I was still in the process of spreading the Bark Butter on branch.  He waited until I had stepped a safe enough distance away, and then gave me several flaps of his feathers to show me who was the boss! Then, once his dominance had clearly been displayed, he went about the business of eating.

mockingbird1 mockingbird2

Meanwhile, a male Pine Warbler was lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the right moment to dart past the Mockingbird and claim a spot on the branch as his own.

mockingbird3 warbler

As some were scooping up beakfuls of Bark Butter, others – like these Blues Brothers – had descended on the deck rail to munch on their preferred fare.

bluebird bluejay

Woodpeckers, both Downy and Red-bellied, also swooped in…

downy red-bellied

…as did this Yellow-rumped Warbler, who stopped by merely to survey the scene.


I think he decided things were a bit too chaotic for his liking, as he flew off without grabbing any food.  Hopefully, he will come back when the pace is a bit slower and hang out for awhile!

23 thoughts on “The Fast and the Flurrious

  1. Every time amazed with your photographs 😍 I always enjoy foreground and background too 💕

  2. Absolutely wonderful pictures, Kathy. It looks like you are enjoying wonderful weather. I wish I could say the same for my backyard birds. The poor birds have had to endure very unpleasant weather this week.

  3. The Robins were eating the frozen crabapples today on my tree and then I saw a Norther Flicker! I went to grab my camera and it was gone! You truly have a gift, Kathy! So enjoy your photos! ❤

  4. Beautiful visitors, all of them! I particularly adore the picture of the Mockingbird and the Pine Warbler….a slight difference in size 🙂

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