“____________ and Robin”

When asked which word would best fill in the blank in the title, most would immediately answer “Batman”; and although I am a fan of any good superhero flick, my answer these days would have to be “Waxwings.”  You see, lately, whenever I see a flock of Robins in a bit of a frenzy, there tends to be an earful of Waxwings right in their midst.

These two types of birds share a craving for berries and can strip a tree clean in no time. Some eat from the branches…

waxwing1 waxwing2

…while others clean up the leftovers that litter the ground.  I thought the yellow blur from my neighbor’s car made a nice buttery background.


Of course, after berry feasting they are in need of a beverage.


I felt sorry for the fellows below.  They were drinking a bit of rain water from the one dish that I hadn’t cleaned and filled.


Once their bellies are full and their thirst has been quenched, they will often lounge on the limbs for awhile.

waxwing8 waxwing7

These birds truly do take my breath away!


30 thoughts on ““____________ and Robin”

  1. Hey Kathy, I had only seen one waxwing before in my life, last year. Last week there were at least 30 in my yard taking turns sipping from my fountain. Beautiful!

  2. Lovely images! I adore waxwings! As a child in the U.K. they were the bird I wanted to see. I’ve been lucky enough to see them here in the US twice and I am really keen to photograph them. You have done a stunning job!

  3. They are so beautiful — they are so sleek and their feathers look so smooth. What kind of berries are those? Beautiful photos.

  4. Gorgeous captures, Kathy! In my childhood in the Nordic forests I used to see both birds around the Rowan trees and our feeder, but then I also liked Batman & Robin 🙂

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