Flowers, Falls, and Friendly Frogs

This morning, I paid my first (but definitely not my last) visit to Gibbs Gardens, a flower lovers paradise nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains.

Before I had even entered, I had to ooh and aah over the beautiful grounds that greeted me upon arrival.


Now normally, the gardens are closed for most of the winter, but they reopened two weeks early because the daffodils decided to blossom in full force, all 20 million of them!  Over 50 of their 220 acres are devoted to these beauties, so at times it seems as if you are standing in a sea of sunshiny petals.

It was fun to take pictures of the rolling fields of flowers…

flowerfield1 flowerfield2

…but overall, I find that I like to let a single flower shine…


…or maybe two…


…or sometimes three.


…oh what the heck…sometimes even four!


And if you’re into Monet, there were photo opps of that type too.


I loved strolling through the flowers, but my favorite part of the morning was spent in the company of some friendly frogs.


Can I just say that these guys, although a bit hard to see since they blended in with their surroundings so well, were not hard to hear.  They were noisy!

frog1 I think this will end up being one of those places that I can retreat to when I want a little soul nourishment.

If you’re ever in the North Georgia area, I would encourage you to add this to your list of places to visit…but if you want to see the daffodils…you’d better go soon!




22 thoughts on “Flowers, Falls, and Friendly Frogs

  1. Wow! Loved these flowers 😍 Spring in the air! It’s snowing outside and these flowers made me happy 💕 Thanks Kathy!

  2. “I wandered lonely as a cloud …” Wordsworth would have felt at home here. These are beautiful photographs – a delight to see.

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