A Bit of Autumn Blur

Yesterday afternoon I set my to-do list aside for awhile and opted instead to set myself outside for awhile! It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and while most of my backyard leaves have already succumbed to their crunchy carpet fate, the resistant remainder provided a lovely photo backdrop.

Chickadees were out in abundance.Ā  Some stopped by for a sip…

…while others showed up to dip and drip!

Our state bird, the Brown Thrasher, also blessed me with a visit.

A Northern Mockingbird (with quite a bossy attitude) and a more timid Titmouse helped themselves to a drink…

…while a beautiful Pine Warbler and a Brown-headed Nuthatch filled up on some food.

Meanwhile, a male Bluebird claimed my new branch as his personal perch.

The dusty rose of the dogwood and the amber tones of the oak made for a delightful autumn blur.


20 thoughts on “A Bit of Autumn Blur

  1. Beautiful photos. I’d never heard of a brown-headed nuthatch. The last photo of the bluebird is amazing. He looks so regal!

  2. A child at school brought me an ID book of American birds( we are in Switzerland) so I went through every page for her to see which were the same on this side of the Atlantic. I was surprised to see how few we have in common, but how very similar some species are, especially the chickadee/ bluetits etc. So much to learn.

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