A Boisterous Backyard Bather

Shortly after I refreshed the birdbaths this afternoon, a beautiful Brown Thrasher showed up to test the water.

At first he was a bit hesitant, no doubt because there was a woman pointing a camera lens at him…

…but before long he was having a grand old time.

He would vigorously splash about, pause for a moment, and then resume his wave making.

Every once in awhile he would perch on the edge and I would think that bath-time had ended…

…but then he would dive back into the water and splash even more fiercely than before.  This fellow definitely gets the award for being the most boisterous backyard bather!

I love how he looks when his feathers are all puffed out.

Eventually, he called it quits, drip dried for a minute, and then flew away.

I’m honestly not sure which one of us enjoyed his bath the most!

21 thoughts on “A Boisterous Backyard Bather

  1. I think it is always great fun to watch a bird taking a bath, but it is really rare to see a thrasher taking a bath. Fantastic series, Kathy.

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