A Lovely Lizard

A lovely little lizard has been lounging on my front porch pillar lately.

She, whom I have taken to calling Lola, is a creature of gorgeous glowing green, with some cool aquatic colors around her eye.

I’m not sure how long lizards usually live, but I shall enjoy her company for as long as she hangs around.

6 thoughts on “A Lovely Lizard

  1. “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”; maybe Lola wants to be your House Genie. A Korean friend told me when a snake is found in a Korean home the whole house is honored by its presence. And the snake becomes their house genie. I hope “the sexy Lola, the darling of the season” (as Marlene Dietrich sang) sticks around your place all summer (eating tons of skeeters & flies). She is beautiful in her close-up.

  2. I love the anole lizards. I remember enjoying them when I lived in Texas. We don’t have them in New Mexico. The males are fun to watch them puff out their red throat flap. I hope you have a long relationship with beautiful Lola. They can live for several years. šŸ˜Š I had one that got to know me and would come over and hang out at my feet while I sat outside reading.

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