Hey Diddle Downy

The list of little ones showing up at the backyard feeders continues to grow.
This week, several young Downy Woodpeckers have spread their wings and made their way out to dine on their own.

This sweet little guy was quite curious about the Bark Butter branch…

…and was delighted to sample the ware.

His red patch of feathers will be on the top of his head while he is young…

…but when he grows to be an adult, the patch will be bolder and brighter and will move to the base of his head, like this fellow below.

Of course, not all the little ones are allowed out alone yet.  Some are still told to stay in the treetops and wait for their food to be delivered.

I love baby bird season!


17 thoughts on “Hey Diddle Downy

  1. Love these pictures and you can almost hear the gears clicking inside that young sprout’s head as he samples the bark butter. 🙂

      1. Yes, I enjoy them like that too. I had some fun with a fledgling robin who was full of peeps and cheeps and feeling proud of himself the first day out of the nest. Not even afraid of me in the least and I was about five feet from him.

  2. They are just so cute. Do you make the Bark Butter or make it? I had not heard of it until I began following your wonderful blog.

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