Please Don’t Lunch On The Lilies

Whereas our backyard is overflowing with bird feeders, our front yard is filled with flowers – with Lilies being the beauties that are currently blossoming.

This morning, I went out and snapped a few photos while the raindrops from last night’s showers were still decorating the petals.

I love the vibrancy of their colors, especially with an overcast sky.

I do have to act fast if I want to get a picture that isn’t missing petals, as the beast sees anything that is growing in the garden as a salad-type-snack.

I am thinking of suggesting a remake of Doris Day’s 60’s movie “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies,” only this one would star a handsome Lab mix named Tucker.  How about “Please Don’t Lunch on the Lilies” for a title?

18 thoughts on “Please Don’t Lunch On The Lilies

  1. Beautiful photos – especially the lovely lilies. I hope they are not toxic to dogs. I think it is more of a concern for cats, but I’m no expert on the matter. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  2. Love the vibrant colors of your lilies and photos of your handsome, full-grown dog, Tucker! Wow! Is he really full grown?!! ❤️

  3. beautiful lilies. flowers are always so pretty when they are rain-drenched. Charlie likes to eat dandelions. This spring when some popped up in the yard, we didn’t need to worry between our granddaughter picking the tops off of the “pretty lello” flowers and Charlie grazing on them!!

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