Oh For A Zillion Zinnias!

Oh for a zillion zinnias!

These brilliant bursts of color brighten the summer season with their beauty -and also with the beauty they bring!

As I stood outside with my camera, several butterflies stopped by to sip of their sweetness.

A hummingbird moth also hovered about, greedily slurping up nectar.

When I see these Starburst candy colored flowers, I can’t help but smile.  I’m pretty sure they give off the fragrance of happiness.

I really do wish I had a zillion zinnias!

13 thoughts on “Oh For A Zillion Zinnias!

    1. I wasn’t thinking of the hymn when I wrote the title, but now it is stuck in my head! But hey, if I have to have something stuck in my head, at least it has good words. 😊

  1. WOWZA!! There is such a variety of butterflies on your Zinnias! And so nice against the greens in the background. 💚🦋😊

  2. Hi Kathy, I’m going ahead with the zinnia post and – I know this is greedy – if its ok with you (I promise I’ll especially feature your blog and recommend it) I would like to use two photos from this post, the first and the 2nd-to-last and re-use your title. (This is in addition to another zinnia photo you’ve already okayed). Really cheeky! ..so I understand if you say no, but perhaps you’ll say yes so I have to ask 😉 The post will also have a few single images from other bloggers but I’d put yours first. Hope you don’t mind me asking, Liz 🙂

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