My Favorite Fall Fidgeter

Yesterday was a perfect picture taking day – cold, slightly overcast, with the leaves still sporting a bit of autumn splash. And much to my delight, my favorite fall fidgeter showed up – the Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Like many of my backyard birds, this fellow has an appetite for Bark Butter.

It can be a bit tricky to get an unblurry picture of him because his wings are constantly flitting, and when he lands he doesn’t linger.

He opted to keep his ruby crown tucked away on this visit, though you can see a hint of his read head feathers peeking through in some of the pictures.

I am hoping that now that he has discovered this backyard buffet, he will be a regular visitor and that he will eventually grant me a glimpse (and a photo) of his glorious crown.

He really is a cute little guy!

22 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Fidgeter

      1. That would be so sweet to see and have them do that. My friend lives in New York and has feeders to cater to various birds and she has chickadees frequent one feeder. They are so happy to see the seeds that they will perch on her hand as she fills the feeder, so she cups her hands with seeds and they just eat like that.

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