A Declaration of Dominance

This handsome (but “hangry”) Red-bellied Woodpecker landed on the Bark Butter Branch the other day.

Immediately, he declared his dominance to the Red-winged Blackbirds that were waiting in the wings.

He gave a warning to his right…

…and a warning to his left…

and then focused his attention on the suety-spread set before him.

As soon as he flew off, one of the waiting Blackbirds swooped in to take his place, displaying his wing bars to proclaim that he was now in possession of the branch.

Amidst all the food feuding, a lounging lab lay just beneath them soaking up the sunshine.

She mostly ignores the birds (with the exception of doves – taste like chicken!) but heaven forbid that a squirrel should show up – then she’s the one declaring her dominance! She has a special banshee-bark reserved only for furry-tailed intruders!

4 thoughts on “A Declaration of Dominance

  1. I had a rat terrier who had a thing about squirrels. They blew his mind. Our four other mutts tried to work up some interest or at least pay sleepy-eyed attention. I don’t think Louie ever even tasted one hair from a squirrel’s tail. But not from lack of trying, all his years. Beautiful, handsome diners today.

  2. My cat caught a squirrel one time and left it for me to find… I think the squirrel must not have been on slow mode. 😳 Your dog’s coat is beauiful – so shiny and healthy. ❤️ I wish my cat wouldn’t chase after the birds!

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