I was outside filling the feeders with my two Lab assistants when “my” Red-headed Woodpecker dropped in for a visit.

First he looked for peanuts in the Dogwood nook, since it was a safe distance from the dogs, but found it empty.

His next stop was one of the higher branches that I have strapped to the deck, where he could make sure the mutts were ignoring him while he spied out the peanuts tucked away in the “peanut pole.”

Maneuvering to the opposite side of the branch, he spent a moment looking at the peanuts…

…then looking at the dogs…

…then looking at the peanuts…

…then looking at the dogs.

Once he realized the dynamic duo was on chipmunk patrol and oblivious to his presence, he flew over and helped himself to a peanut or two.

Then he flew back to his favorite perch and jammed the nuts into a notch in the wood so that he could peck them into smaller pieces. It’s so fascinating to watch him at work!

After round one was finished off, he got set to sneak a second snack. He made sure the coast was clear…

…and then headed back for another portion of Planters.

Meanwhile, the dogs kept watch on the yard below and remained unaware of his activity.

I think they are more lovable than alert!

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