Peanut Poachers

The other day I filled up the peanut pole and watched as one blue bandit after another swooped in to load up their beaks.

These Jays made quick work of emptying what I had just filled!

I’m pretty sure that by the time the last peanut poacher departed, there was nothing left but peanut dust.

Now, I could complain that peanuts ain’t cheap, and these birds are eating me out of house and home – but the way I figure it, I am simply paying for the pleasure of  watching their entertaining antics, which is better than Netflix any day!

5 thoughts on “Peanut Poachers

  1. Blue Bandits get there early & often in my backyard. They alert all the their confreres far & wide when they spy me coming down the back steps with peanuts. They swoop in & snatch them from before the eyes of the scurrying squirrels. The crow family (3 big babies still being fed), brown thrasher & cardinals are slower on the giddyup & get them quick. But its a good show for me & Charlie Cat in his window seat.

  2. They are such pigs. I’ve noticed that peanuts are a favorite of almost all my backyard birds. I put out oilers and a handful of peanuts on top and the peanuts are gone almost instantly.

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