A Rose-breasted Beauty

Every year, towards the end of April, I start scanning the backyard treetops, hoping for a visit from a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Needless to say, I was thrilled when this fellow dropped in to say hello.

En route to the northern part of the country, these lovely birds often stop for a brief layover in the Atlanta area to get a little R & R – refueling and refreshing! I try to keep my seed trays piled up with sunflower seeds to entice them to treat my backyard as their temporary bed and breakfast.

The Grosbeak is a rather timid bird and is rarely aggressive or overly assertive. When a bossier bird arrives on the scene (think Red-winged Blackbirds and Blue Jays), these guys tend to retreat to the safety of an overhead branch and wait until the coast is a clearer.

Like many of the backyard birds, the Grosbeaks drop down every now and then for a drink from the fountain.

With their bold colors and curious nature, it’s impossible not to fall in love with these beautiful birds!

I wish they were year round residents, but it is always a pleasure to enjoy their brief visit…

…especially when they are willing to pose for a few photos.




8 thoughts on “A Rose-breasted Beauty

  1. What a splendid beautiful creature. I have not ever seen one in our backyard, but I will live in hope. I am glad your run such a bountiful stopover B&B. & are such a marvelous photographer always on the lookout.

  2. Beautiful shots of the Grosbeak. I just love them, they are back at my place too.

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