Backyard Babies

Spring is the season for backyard babies, and the Downy Woodpeckers were the first to bring their little one to the feeders.

Dad had the early feeding duty…

…and later Mom took a turn.

The chickadees were the next to arrive with a demanding youngster.

Several other birds have had babies, but have not yet let them accompany them to the feeders – at least, not when I have been out with a camera.

I’m hoping that Bluebirds will bring their little bundles of joy soon…they are always fun to photograph with their open-beaked, wing-flapping antics.


4 thoughts on “Backyard Babies

  1. Wonderful! I haven’t seen any of this yet. Though I have to say I haven’t seen my woodpeckers at the feeders lately so I guess they’re off taking care of babies in the nest still. I have never gotten such great shots as these, my birds like to hide way up in trees behind newly minted leaves to feed their young. Maybe this year I’ll see more of them. We certainly have been overrun with orioles, and they always bring the youngsters in later in the summer.

  2. As usual your photos are mind blowing Kathy. Also wanted to share an update about cardinal painting from your reference Photo. I am almost done, I will be sharing it by 30th May. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

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