Excellence or Evidence

The first bluebird baby of the season ventured to the feeders today.

Up until this point, Mom and Dad had been busy loading up on mealworms and flying off to the nesting box to deliver the food – a sort of aviary-uber-eats routine.

But now, Junior is accompanying them to the backyard, and like most little ones, he is not known for his patient waiting!

I had to laugh at Dad, who seemed as if he was trying to bring three meals (or at least three mealworms!) in one delivery.

I was telling my husband, sometimes you take a picture aiming for “excellence” and sometime just for “evidence” – these pictures are of the latter variety.

I do have to say though, this little one seems to be a chip off the old block.

Who knows, maybe in the days ahead I’ll be able to get the perfect picture on the perfect perch in the perfect lighting…or…maybe I’ll just be glad to have gotten these!

4 thoughts on “Excellence or Evidence

  1. Beautiful photos. I don’t think any improvement is needed. Enjoy where you are at each day!

  2. Thank you for evidentiary photography proving Jr. Bluebird total adorableness & responsible Bluebird Daddy ably providing for his young family.

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