3-D Bluebird Babies!

My backyard is swarming with Bluebird babies lately – little ones who are demanding, dangerous, yet oh so delightful!

One of the easiest ways to spot a youngster is to watch for the one whose mouth is wide open and whose wings are frantically flapping.

These babies demand food from their Mama…

….they demand food from their Daddy…

…and basically sit and demand food from whoever is willing to bring it!

The delivery of this food is not for the faint of heart!

Feeding baby Bluebirds is a dangerous ordeal. The parent is in danger of losing their balance…

…in danger of losing their face…

…and in danger of being “food bombed” by a hungry sibling.

I would say that these Bluebird parents put their whole heart into feeding their little ones, but it’s really more like their whole head!

Occasionally, a reprimand is needed when a little one is a bit overzealous in the food receiving!

Bluebird babies are a delight to watch…

…especially when they are discovering something for the first time – like this little fellow who was experiencing his first frolic in the fountain.

There is no better way to add beauty to the backyard than to have a steady stream of Bluebirds and their babies.

I’d say that babies in the backyard is by far the best part of Spring!


5 thoughts on “3-D Bluebird Babies!

  1. That is awesome to see. I was watching a whole flock of Starline youngsters for the past few days. When they group up, they are fierce.

  2. Oh my! SOOOO wonderful! I had bluebirds in a box in our yard years and years ago, but they haven’t been back. So fun to watch your baby birds! Great shots!!

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