Delightful Daredevils

White-breasted Nuthatches are always delightful backyard visitors.

Though mine tend to be drippy drinkers…

…these well dressed daredevils are highly entertaining to watch.

This guy seemed to be giving me his best Batman impersonation!

Friendly and fairly fearless are accurate descriptions of these black and white beauties.

I’m grateful to have them not only as year round guests…

…but as performers who take their pay in peanuts!

4 thoughts on “Delightful Daredevils

  1. I love these guys too. At the park here, where the little birds come sit on your hand for treats, these guys are usually not the first to land. They are a bit standoffish…but they have the cutest soft little whine when they want what’s in your hand and they’re not sure about getting it. After a chickadee or a titmouse swoops in they will usually hop into the action too. Though one time I did have a nuthatch come down from the trees first. He seemed very proud of his bravery and came back several times. He was hiding the seed in trees around me for an afternoon snack to be enjoyed later.

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