A Fall Finch Frenzy

There has been quite a frenzy of finches in my backyard this fall season. I have seen a steady stream of American Goldfinches…

…of House Finches…

…and of Pine Siskins.

Today, I glanced out the window and saw that a handful of Purple Finches had joined the mix – birds that spend the winter here but that I don’t often see at my feeders.

The male Purple Finch is deliciously beautiful, looking as if someone accidentally spilled a glass of cranberry juice on him.

The female lacks the vibrant berry tones, but is still rather lovely in a much more demure kind of way.

Purple finches and house finches are often confused with one another since they are so similar in appearance. Here they are side by side so you can see the differences.

Purple Finch
House Finch

As far as finches go, Purple Finches tend to look a little on the chunky side, and have beaks that are ideal for shelling seeds.

Having them in the treetops makes it feel like the yard is already decorated for Christmas!

3 thoughts on “A Fall Finch Frenzy

  1. Such lovely photographs you’re treating us to, Kathy. The finches are obviously quite intelligent, knowing that your yard is a good place to stock up for the hard times ahead!

  2. The purple finches do look like someone poured cranberry juice on them!! Love their colors and patterns on their feathers. Such lovely photos as always!!

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