The Less Common Cousin

Do you remember the delightful duo of Nuthatches I told you about the other day? The ones who show a preference for the peanut pole?
Well, this week, their less common cousin has been hanging about – a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

It seems like this beautiful little bird will make an appearance for a season, and then disappear for several years, so it is always a treat when he shows up.

Unfortunately, his white-breasted kin hasn’t taken too kindly to his arrival and keeps trying to divebomb him off of the feeders. Apparently, he thinks this backyard isn’t big enough for the both of them!

The good news is that this red-breasted fellow doesn’t look like he is going to be easily deterred.

I hope he sticks around all winter and poses for many more photos!

11 thoughts on “The Less Common Cousin

  1. I haven’t seen the red breasted nuthatch here in Asheville, but the white breasted tribe is very busy now, up & down, up & down the trunks with swift dives into my feeding area & zips back out again with goodies. Each bird has its way about it. The blue jays, after sounding the dinner bell plunk down on top of other creatures & then choose among several peanuts, always searching for the ones with 3 peas in the pod – I think – which they seem to judge by weight in the beak rather sight. The cardinals sit & think a spell, often getting jay plunked while contemplating. The crows loudly announce their arrival. The doves cover the ground-front in flocks. The flicker hangs on by its toes, the chickadees inspect. The titmice make a racket among themselves. The brown thrasher & the towhees leave no leaves unturned. I could spy on this busy scene all day long & often do – off & on. I wish I had taken up photography seriously to capture it , & that is why I admire your talent & skill so much, Kathy, those & your wonderful seeing eyes.

      1. Thank you, Kathy. I was a journalist for years, & wrote & illustrated “backyard nature” columns in Fla. & NC newspapers & journals. But painting always called to me. I’ve drawn & painted since childhood. It seems freer & more creative. But I do love words & try to use & enjoy them every day, one way or another. I may have had dreams of fiction years ago……… I love your blog & especially your brilliant bird photography. It’s simply the best!

  2. I don’t think I have the red breasted ones here…just the white breasted birds. They are almost always first down from the trees each morning when I put out their breakfast. They talk to me if I take too long. They used to be shy but they’re not any more!

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