A Preference for the Peanut Pole

There are plenty of places my backyard birds can choose to visit when they arrive in search of a little sustenance, but the Nuthatches show a definite preference for the peanut pole.

The peanut pole is simply a tree limb we found while out on a hike with the Labramutts that “we” (go ahead and read “hubby”) turned into a homemade feeder. It already had a notch at the top that was perfect for stashing a handful of nuts. Then, when we got it home, “we” (go ahead and read “hubby” again) drilled three holes in the side to make it even more serviceable.

I have a perch set up by the lowest hole for those birds that want a little sit down dining.

Typically though, this is a fast food, grab-and-go style eatery, so if you want to snap a photo you have to be quick about it. Otherwise, the perfect picture you were hoping for…

…turns into a blur of flying feathers.

This duo of Nuthatches, both the Brown-headed…

…and the White-breasted…

…are crazy about the peanut pole, and to tell you the truth, I’m pretty crazy about them. That sounds like a winning combination to me!

7 thoughts on “A Preference for the Peanut Pole

  1. Nut pole? You spoil the birds rotten. No wonder you have so many — not that I blame you, of course. Who wouldn’t spoil them a little for the joy they give.

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