Sittin’ in the Morning Sun

“Sittin’ in the morning sun” – so goes the opening line of the song that Otis sang, and so goes the Red-shouldered Hawk that I saw perched in the early morning sunshine.

I had gone outside to fill the feeders and make sure my birds had some breakfast when I happened to glance across the fence and saw this beauty on a branch in my neighbor’s yard. The sunlight was filtering through the tree leaves and highlighting some of his side feathers.

He was glancing about, but didn’t seem on high alert as if he were actually hunting. Perhaps he had already eaten and was just sitting there enjoying the pleasant feeling of a full belly.

Eventually, he was started by a noise and then leaned forward and took off. I wish I could have captured the image without blur, but it’s still pretty cool to see his wings preparing for flight.

I still have a daydream that one day he will land on my Bark Butter branch while I happen to be standing there with a camera in hand, and that he will indulge me with a few close ups. But until then, I’ll settle for whatever shots he lets me take!

11 thoughts on “Sittin’ in the Morning Sun

  1. He’s beautiful, nice shots and at least he wasn’t eatin gone of your birds. I’m sure he’ll show up on your tree someday. I had one stand on top of my feeder this week. I saw him, but camera was a long way off and I knew if I moved he’d leave, so I was satisfied to just watch him. He was like this guy, sort of enjoying the sun…while sitting at the feeder just in case lunch happened by. None did.

  2. What a stunning shot. It is rare to see birds of prey where I live in the city. That said I did manage to get a good shot of a Swainson’s hawk on the utility pole behind my house a few months ago so It’s not impossible.

    Out of curiosity what kind of lens were you shooting with? I’m curious as I’ve been wanting to get a longer lens for wildlife photography. My 70-200 is just a little too short.

    Glad to have found your blog and I look forward to your next post!

    1. Hey! Glad to have you along for the journey,
      I used to use that same lens and like you wanted a bit more reach, so I got a Canon 100-400mm lens, which I love. Just this week I got a 300mm fixed lens which I am excited about playing with when my schedule and the weather cooperate.

  3. More great photos. Your blog is simply amazing. I never know what you will post, but I always love it. Remember the cartoon called Henry Hawk?

    1. Henry Hawk…my husband collects Pepsi Looney Tune glasses from the 70’s and I’m pretty sure he has one with that character.
      And thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂

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