River Walk Waxwings

Let me start with a confession – I am not a personal fan of “formal” exercise. Whether it’s Cross-fit or Fitbit, I just don’t get all that excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a leisurely walk or a hike with hubby and the dogs, but I am much more of a contemplative stroller than a cardioholic. (I totally made that word up!) A slow-paced walk surrounded by beauty restores my soul.

Yesterday, while out on one of these meandering journeys, travelling alongside a trickling creek (which is a symphony in itself!) I heard a high pitch whistle and saw a rustling in a bush just off the path. Much to my delight, I discovered a band of Cedar Waxwings busy absconding berries.

The bush they were visiting was loaded with fruit, but was also a tangled web of twigs that kept the scavengers pretty concealed. Still, I managed to get a few fairly clear shots.

Typically, a bird would land on a twig, scout out the clusters, and then pluck a berry and swallow it whole.

All throughout the bush, other Waxwings were engaged in this same berry devouring process.

Waxwings are one of my all time, absolute favorite birds.

As I stood there taking picture after picture, often getting in awkward positions to try and get a better shot, several other walkers stopped to see what I was doing. They were fascinated when they discovered that the bush was full of birds. (I think an easy way to start a conversation with a stranger is to either have a puppy or a camera!)

I am glad I took a camera with me on the walk. I didn’t have one of my better lenses in hand, but I did have my old faithful SX50 ( a PowerShot on steroids) which is the camera I used when I started this blog, and the one that got me addicted to taking pictures. I think she did just fine!

These beautiful bandits are such a pleasure to behold!

18 thoughts on “River Walk Waxwings

  1. Outstanding series of photographs, Kathy!

    Gini says Waxwings look like they just stepped out from the beauty parlor/barber shop as they appear so neat and trim.

    You once again proved that it’s not the camera that counts so much as the skill of the operator in producing fine images. Great job!

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