In my backyard I have a colossal Camelia tree – we’re talking Goliath! Now, I am taking the liberty of calling it a tree, though technically, I think it is suppose to be labeled as a shrub – something about how the trunk comes up in more than one segment. But placing it in the shrub category somehow seems insulting – this thing is too beastly to be a bush!

I love this Camelia because of it’s beautiful bright blossoms.

My dynamic duo of Labra-mutts love this Camelia because said blossoms are apparently delectable dog treats.

And the backyard birds love it because it is close to our feeders as well as our fountain, providing them with a wonderful place to hide while they survey the scene. The smaller birds often perch on its branches, tucked away behind its leaves.

American Goldfinch
Song Sparrow
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Carolina Wren

This Mockingbird sought shelter in the Camelia, trying to escape our resident Robin, who happens to be the biggest bully of the backyard.

Northern Mockingbird

Of course, the Robin darted in to chase the Mockingbird…

American Robin

…and then flew out to chase away a Bluebird, who by the way is the bird he most often bullies!

The bird most commonly found hiding in the Camelia is the Northern Cardinal. At any given moment there are more than a dozen seeking camouflage…make that Camelia-flage…in this evergreen haven.

Northern Cardinal

Beautiful…delicious…and a perfect place for birds to hide…what more could you ask for!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your lovely photographs. I save many with the intention of some day painting them. I live in the land of ice and snow this time of year, so lovely to see you are enjoying blooming Camelia. Merry Christmas and please be safe.

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