Farewell to Fall

Well, winter has officially arrived, but before we say farewell to fall, I thought I’d share a few of the final photos I took this past season.

These were all taken three days ago, during what photographers call “the golden hour” – which can either be the first or the last hour of daylight. On a side note, when I first started taking pictures I could never remember this simple phrase, so hubby and I took to calling it all sorts of things – like “the beguiling hour” or “the enchanting hour” or even “the bewitching hour.”

So, how about I share pictures of three different birds that stopped by as the sun was setting and we’ll have a bit of a bird beauty contest.

First up is this male Cardinal, who looks like a vibrant flame of feathers set against a butterscotch background. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Then there is the bad-bird-bully of the backyard, the American Robin. Although his behavior is ill-mannered and rude, the rich tones of this resident rogue are the epitome of autumn.

And last, the littlest golden hour poser, a radiant male Pine Warbler highlighted by the sun’s rays. First he stopped in for a drink…

…and then he nibbled on some Bark Butter.

So, which of these birds shall we declare the winner of the bewitching, beguiling, enchanting, golden hour picture posing award?

11 thoughts on “Farewell to Fall

  1. It’s a hard decision but I have to go with the Pine Warbler, for several reasons. First ,I hae never seen one before, second I loved his (her?) reflection in the water. Third because he or she is so small and so nearly overlooked it deserves the spotlight.

  2. Ah, it will have to be the American Robin, which is one my most favorite of birds. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and saw and loved many of these feisty birds. I have lived in San Diego for fifty years now and don’t get to see these guys….rarely. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season!

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