Hands Free Harness

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a new camera carrier that allows me to give my hands a rest. I had several requests for a picture to show what it looks like (although I am secretly wondering if those requests were an attempt to display my geekiness!) so I had hubby snap a shot when I was headed out to the backyard today.

I didn’t take time to primp (so this is hands free and make up free!), but here is the Cotton Carrier I have fallen in love with.

I am looking forward to getting out on a trail with it!

13 thoughts on “Hands Free Harness

  1. You look great! thank you for showing this, I can see this would help for my camera and save my back and neck Does the camera fasten to the vest by the the slot that slides onto a tripod?

    1. The vest comes with a small circular piece that screws into the place where you would mount the tripod. This then slides into a notch on the vest – a twist and lock function that is very secure. I keep my neck strap on for extra security. 😊

    1. It comes with a piece that screws onto your camera body and then slides into a notch on the vest. It is a twist and lock method that surprised me with how easy it worked. I did have to use a you tube video to set it all up though. I am not mechanically inclined!

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