A Five Star Device

So…I am not as young as I once was (though not as old as I hope to be!) so anything that makes it easier to lug a large lens around is a great thing!

Case in point – the Cotton Carrier camera harness that my folks got me for Christmas. It is a totally geeky looking buckle on vest that has an attachment on the front to securely hold the camera and lens. This lets me give my hands a rest when the birds are taking a break, or, lets me have my hands free when I am walking.

This morning, I strapped on the carrier and took a neighborhood stroll, not caring in the least how crazy it likely looked. (Again, I think this is part of that aging thing!) When I got to the end of the road, I was blessed with a Red-shouldered Hawk siting.

I fired off a few shots…

…then he (or she) prepared for take off…

…and flew to where he was no longer in view.

I have only used it a handful of times, but I am already labeling this Cotton Carrier a five star device!

8 thoughts on “A Five Star Device

  1. You definitely need something. Even my 70-200 lens makes lugging the camera on a strap around my neck tiring pretty quickly. Great hawk shots!

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