Signs of the Season

You know that when the daffodils emerge from the thawing ground and the tulips begin to bloom that spring is making its entrance.

And you know that when the scent of sunscreen permeates the air and your feet start calling for flip-flops, that summer is upon us.

Well, when birds start making trip after trip to the feeder, filling up their beaks and quickly flying off, only to return moments later to repeat the process, it can only mean one thing – baby bird season has arrived!

Last week, this Bluebird couple was gathering up mealworms as quickly as I could fill the feeders.

Then, sure enough, a few days later they showed up with Thing One…

…and Thing Two.

And the backyard has been in a constant state of commotion ever since!

When I was out with the camera yesterday, Dad was busy feeding one of the youngsters…

…but then Mom showed up, so he flew off to tend to the other little one…

…who was waiting less than patiently.

He brought a plentiful portion of mealworms…

….and then repeated the process several times.

Feeding baby bluebirds (or any baby bird for that matter!) can be a tricky business.
You have to maintain your balance while being divebombed.

You have to avoid getting your beak bitten and your face stabbed.

And, you have to successfully transfer the food without fumbling it.

These lovable little ones are incredibly LOUD, but they are a joy to watch.

Baby bird season is indeed upon us, and I, for one, am so so glad!

10 thoughts on “Signs of the Season

  1. These are WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing, most of us don’t get to see this kind of interaction. I have bluebirds (I think) in one of my boxes, but I’ve never seen baby bluebirds out and about!

  2. I have left the photo of young ‘un and dad with the dropped mealworm in mid-air up on my desktop all day. It gives me a laugh every time I come back to my office. Thank you.

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