Branching Out

Happy New Year!

As we kick off 2022, I think my first New Year’s resolution is to start branching out a bit.
Okay, technically, it’s to start putting out more branches, which I have already begun!

After putting out a few feeders…

…and adding some water to entice the birds to visit the backyard…

…I started adding branches (laced with Bark Butter and peanuts of course!) for them to perch on.

It’s funny, birds seem to know that perches are meant for posing!

I’ve also pruned a few branches on one of the Dogwoods to try and minimize the number of stray twigs that creep into the background and drive me a bit crazy.

I think natural perches make for pretty pictures, and I am already pondering how I can add more in the months ahead.

I hope your year ahead is filled with beauty and all the best kinds of blessings!

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