House Hunters: Backyard Bird Edition

My backyard felt like an episode of House Hunters today – the backyard bird edition! Everywhere I looked, birds were choosing their nesting sites.

This White-breasted Nuthatch claimed this cute little cottage that was already move in ready.

The Titmice chose this house with the metal roof and the nice front perch…

…but wanted a grander entrance and were already busy enlarging the front door.

The Red-bellied couple located a piece of prime property, and then set out to build their own place.

It was fascinating to watch them excavate. They would disappear within the cavity and you could hear them drilling away. Then, whichever them was taking a turn at construction, would pop their head out with a beak full of sawdust and dump it out of the tree.

The male and female Bluebirds were in and out of this little house.

Apparently, they had to settle quickly as I could already hear chirping from within. I was surprised (pleasantly!) by the early brood, and can’t wait to take baby photos for them!

9 thoughts on “House Hunters: Backyard Bird Edition

  1. So sweet – all the photos of the birds and their homes. Clever idea with the licence plate roof.

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