Bird Houses and Bored Horses

In my last post, I shared how the birds are busy building houses in my backyard. I’m pretty sure they like it here because of the proximity to the fine dining!

Well, birds aren’t the only ones that have declared Branson Mill a desirable location! Yesterday, I was standing in the driveway and saw a couple of horses meandering about a few yards over!
Now, I’ve seen deer and stray dogs before, but this was my first time seeing stray horses!

This copper cutie was munching on grass…

…along with this bronzed beauty.

Apparently, these rogues had grown bored of their own pasture, a field that backs up to our subdivision, and had discovered a way of escape. They were happily (and somewhat guiltily) grazing, taking advantage of their new found freedom.

I guess they too have decided this is indeed a desirable “neigh”borhood!

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