Baby Bundle and a Bundle of Babies!

My grandgirlie (whom we have affectionately referred to as “Baby Bundle” since she was born) is at such a fun age. She is finding great delight in discovering the world around her, and we are finding great delight in watching her do so!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, more baby bundles have made their arrival – baby bluebirds!

I knew they had left the birdhouse, as I had seen Mom and Dad making repeated food deliveries throughout the day to treetops just outside the yard. Well, by the time the sun was setting, I think the adult duo needed a breather and decided to let the trio of youngsters come and explore the feeding area.

They mostly just moved from one perch to another…

…or carefully investigated the bird bath.

Every once in awhile, one of the parents would drop in with a bite to eat…

…but for the most part, they just sat around looking adorable.

I’m pretty sure this post should carry a “cuteness overload” warning!

4 thoughts on “Baby Bundle and a Bundle of Babies!

  1. So cool! I’ve never seen baby bluebirds! We had bluebirds in one of our boxes many years ago but since then it’s been mostly wrens or sometimes a swallow. Such fun images!

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