Birds Over Baking

I had just started gathering the ingredients to bake a chocolate chip cake (a new recipe for me) when I glanced out the back window and spotted a Rose-breasted Grosbeak sitting in the feeding tray. I hesitated for a moment, but when hubby volunteered to pick up a dessert on his way back from Home Depot…well…let’s just say he didn’t have to offer twice! I mean, one has to have one’s priorities straight, right? So, I packed up the butter and sugar and picked up my camera instead.

As I approached the feeder, he flew to a nearby branch, facing away from me, which at least let me get a shot of his less famous, but still striking, side.

He still had a small bit of seed to snack on that he had carried with him.

These Rose-breasted beauties are only in the area during the migration months, so I was thrilled to see him show up.

He kept glancing back at me…

…then scooched to a different part of the branch. I think he was debating whether I was friend or foe. He hasn’t yet learned that I am the hand that feeds them!

Eventually, he gave me one last glance and then flew off to an overhead branch.

It was such a treat to get to spend a little time with him before he continues his journey north. And while I’ll probably crave a bite of the cake that never got baked, I think birds over baking was definitely the best decision.

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